District Team

District Team

Neil McAleece
District Commissioner

Neil has been DC since February 2020 and is already loving the role! Neil used to be ADC Scouts and Activities after spending over 20 years running Scout sections around the country. He can often be found climbing mountains, running around town or dancing and singing at a campfire. If you need some help then please just ask.

Matt Flint
District Youth Commissioner

Matt will be helping us to change the way we think about Scouting, making the voices of our young people heard.

The Youth Forum will be setup and led by Matt, where the young people across the district will be able to share their thoughts on how things should be run.

Rob Lyons
Assistant District Commissioner – Scouts

Our ADC Scouts will be looking to get some new adventures running for the Scout section and to bring the groups together to boost our Chief Scouts Gold award count.

Rob has been with 1st Knutsford since 2013 where he has built a magnificent Scout troop, building on his years with Lymm Scouts and the Guides.

Jen McAleece
Assistant District Commissioner – Cubs

Jen has over 12 years of experience with Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. Jen can regularly be seen riding her horse through Knutsford. As ADC Cubs, she will be looking to build the teamwork between our Cub groups to help deliver the programme while supporting the leaders to get some exciting new activities happening.

Fiona Lunnon
Assistant District Commissioner – Beavers

Fiona has been involved with Scouting for many years, having been a Beaver and Cub leader at 5th and a Scout leader at Mobberley. The Lunnon family have done an awful lot for the District.

In volunteering to become ADC Beavers, Fiona will be looking to support the Beaver leaders across the District to run the best programme they can, getting out of doors and increasing the nights away.

Ali Comline
Assistant District Commissioner – Activities

Ali has been working with the District Activities team for many years and running 5th’s climbing wall. A regular at our District Winter Weekend, Ali is a vastly experienced mountaineer who has topped 130 summits in the last 3 years! Ali will be looking to expand Adventurous Activities across the District from Beavers up to Explorers.

Sophie Mather
Assistant District Commissioner – Communications

Sophie is helping us get our social and print media communication working. She will be organising the District media and helping the groups and sections with theirs. Sophie has been with Knutsford Scouts since she was very young and has always pushed the boundaries of what Scouting is all about!

Jane Mather
District Appointment Secretary

When new adults come along or when one of you changes your role, Jane will be helping to get the correct actions happening to make sure that we are within POR and fully insured. Jane has been supporting Scouting for many years and we are hugely grateful for her support.

Kurt Mather
Nights Away Advisor

Kurt has been a scout leader for many years and has ran every style of camp from lightweight trips in the hills to huge summer camps. Kurt will be helping you get your nights away permits and to run safe, secure and fun nights away with every section.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls